What Is Google Ads Management ?


About Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management is a Digitally Marketing Technique Or A Strategy. Which mainly is focused on increasing the visibility of your website in search engine result page it is an exclusive paid marketing type. That is why it is now referred to as paid search or “pay-per-click”.

Pay-per-click marketing is an advertising channel on search engines where businesses/individuals may bid on keywords used in searches to be on top of the charts it is also known as “paid search” marketing. We will learn more about this further. It also includes GOOGLE-ADS.


What is importance of Google Ads Management ?

As we all know, customers are shifting towards buying goods and products online, therefore,
Google Ads Management (SEM) have become a crucial strategy for business to capture a bigger online market share which helps them to grow.

You as an advertiser only pay for impressions which result in visitors, which makes it an efficient way for you to spend its marketing money.

As an added bonus, each visitor will incrementally improve the website’s rankings in organic search results.

Consumers enter search queries with an intention of finding information which is commercial in nature, they are in a conscious state of mind to make a purchase, as compared to other sites such as social media where users tend less in searching for something.

Results are immediate with Google Ads Management (SEM), it is the fastest way to drive traffic to a website, it is still an arguable statement.

How Google Ads Management is works ?

SEM works on a complicated algorithm as to ensure the most relevant results are returned for each search which includes location and other information about the user.

In paid advertising, ads appear on the top and side of the search engine results for better visibility and prominence then of the organic search.

Let us consider that you being a buyer searching for your product online by some terms i.e. keywords.

These ads appear in prominent locations on the page along with the other search listings that match your keywords.

The paid listings are highly relevant to your specific search, which are made in a way that you will most likely click on them.

Now let us know How Google Ads Management (SEM) Works Through Marketer’s Point View,

These networks are self-serve operation once the marketer selects the network they can opt for a short-termed plan as per their needs.

While setting up a campaign of Google Ads Management (SEM) the marketer promptly should get some work done:

  • Have to do keyword research and refine those keywords as per the product they are dealing with.
  • Decide or trim a geographical location where you want your ad to run
  • Making a text-based ad as to display it in the search engine
  • And last, not the least bidding the price you are going to pay as per “per-click criteria”

Creating a text-based ad is easy, Marketers;

  1. Enter a headline
  2. Make text for the body of the ad
  3. Call to action
  4. And a URL for the hyperlink

" Google Ads Management (SEM) professionals target for google ad word and Bing ads "

Google Adwords Consist Of Basically Two Networks

  1. Google Search Network
  2. Google Display Network

Whereas, BING ads allows customers to buy ads on yahoo network portals and Bing ad portals.

If we compare both google ads is 2 times in the size of the google display network, but then if we talk about pricing factor Bing is more suitable for PAID-ADS and according to some reports it is said that the clickthrough rate is much higher in Bing.

As you’re spending on Google Ads Management (SEM) for increasing more traffic on your website, it is worth the effort to optimize that traffic. As for conversion and increase the efficiency of your spending.

Let's Talk About A/B Tsting In Google Ads

Your landing page will be the easiest way to maximize your spending either by optimizing average order value or revenue per page.



  1. Help to structure and implement A/B test
  2. Offering real-time results to you
  3. Call to action
  4. Helps you in restoring confidence for your business decision

As interrogation with popular ad network such as google ad words makes the task of setting up of Google Ads Management SEM experiments very efficient, less time consuming and a very easy task for you.